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Connecting  Mobile To Pc

If You Have mobile DATA CABLE:

Materials Needed:
Connecting Cable
                                   Mobile's Software ( PC Suite e.g.,)


First it is good if you have knowledge about connection cable. Sometimes it is provided with you mobile phones when you buy them and some time you have to buy them. It acts as a bridge between you mobile and your PC and transfer electrical signals from your mobile to your PC and PC to mobile.

This cable may connect at serial port at back of your PC or this cable may connect at USB port. Do as it is provided. Connect on end of cable to your mobile and other end with your PC.

Open / run you mobile PC software to start communicating with your mobile and start sending ringtones, games, themes e.t.c.

For NOKIA mobiles PC Suite is provided if you buy mobile and same is the case for other companies so you should have your PC software of your mobile otherwise you can download from internet.

Now you are on your on way to send Data from PC to your device

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