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Transfer Contacts From A Nokia Phone S60 Phone To S40 Symbian Phone






Anyone may have to transfer the contacts from one phone to another phone, if your old phone is malfunctioning or in a case when you may want to change the mobile phone model.

Latter is the case is with me as I want to change my mobile phone from Nokia 6600 to Nokia 5310. So ,now for transferring the contacts from nokia 6600 to nokia 5310 I searched almost every method and software but, still none of the software work for me as both of the above phones have a different base operating system.

But finally I had to use one the worst ways out for transferring contacts i.e using a sim card for storing the contacts.

A normal sim card can hold around 250 contacts so depending on the number of contacts you may need one or two sim card.

In order to transfer the contacts follow the process below

1. Go to your phone contacts and copy all the contacts to sim card.

2. If your contacts are greater than the memory size of the sim card ,first check upto which contact it got transferred to sim card

3. now insert the sim card in the new s40 phone and copy all the contacts from sim card to phone memory.

4. Repeat the steps until you are able to transfer all the contacts.

5. I know this process is really cumbersome but unfortunately this is the only way out.
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