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Remove beep sound while recording calls on OS 9.1/9.2

I Installed Ultimate Recorder v3.01 on my Nokia E61i but there was beep while call recording. Then removed this and installed Killer-Mobile Total Recall and threre was no beep. but Total
recall has limitation, not to record memo/voice notes with assigning keys.
So i kept both, now there is no beep while call recording and i can take voice notes by pressing assigned keys i.e default #0.But you have to keep running both recorders.
This is for those who are unable to install Ultimate Recorder v4.01 or getting difficult to sign files at symbiansigned, required for Ultimate Recorder v4.01 and want to stay with v3.01 and don't want beep while call recording.


Register Opera 8.65 on S60v3

Use a File explorer Y-Browser or X-plore
Go to c:\system\data and then set "viger.dat" file's attribute to "Read Only"

And it will become "Full Version"


N73 ME & 5700 XpressMusic
How to exit Music Player

Actually, there is a point. The N73 Music Edition preloads the Music Player app on startup so there is no delay when you push the Music key on the right. Although you can't see it right away on startup, if you open the Task Manager, you can see that the Music player is running.

Using latest firmware of N73; You can also try this trick on 5700

For those who cant exit music player, here are the steps.
1. Go to ‘All Songs’.
2. Select ‘Options’ > ‘Album Art’.
3. Select ‘Options’ > ‘Change’.
4. Select ‘Graphic Download’.
5. Select ‘Options’ > ‘Exit’.

As u can see, it’s very inconvenient to go through all this every time one wants to exit the Music Player. So any1 with any easier way, pls post it here.

Or download Epocware Handy Taskman and choose 'Kill App' or at first play some music then go to option-choose equaliser then choose exit...
It will sure exit from music player...

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