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Solution for backing up & restoring Messages Symbian S60 3rd Edition

A breakthrough for Symbian S60 3rd Edition (OS 9.1)
Solution for backing up and restoring Messages
I am very glad to inform you all, the MOST-WANTED solution for backing and restoring your messages from your memory card. By default in symbian S60 edition phones, when we store messages on memory card, it gets stored in system/mail folder.
The same thing happens on Symbian 3rd edition phones too, but only difference is that the mail folder is buried deep inside the private folder..
What you need to access it..
1) Connect your handset to pc in the “Data transfer” (Mass storage) mode
2) Go to the Private folder on your memory card
3) Open the folders in sequential manner
4) Look for 1000484b (PARENT) folder or like that under which you will find Mail (Child) or mail2 folder, you are looking for.
5) Copy that (PARENT) folder to your PC
6) After you format you memory card using handset, copy back the same folder PARENT from pc again under Private folder on memory card using mass storage mode.
7) Voilla!!! You have got all your messages as it is.
-- OR --
Follow 1st step as it is, then go to search option on your pc, include system, hidden files and folders in search options and search for “mail” folder.. and follow steps 5 to 7 as it is.

Post any of your queries..
Another tutorial in line for creating folders under folder in damn easy way

Note:Message cant be transfered to phone memory...
The system files of phone memory cant be accessed due to new security levels in the 3rd edition phones...


Save battery on s60v3 wifi phone

A llittle trick to save battery power

Menu -> Tools -> Setting -> Connection -> Wireless LAN -> Options -> Advanced Settings

(choose "yes" )

Automatic config -> disabled -> TX power level -> Options -> Change -> (change 100 mW to 4 mW) -> OK

this will economise batery but wifi will be more difficult to use

Nokia 5500 Sport Tip for saving battery

I 5500, you keep seeing sport icon ruuning in background even when its not being used, consuming the RAM as well as battery at that time.
You can kill can kill this by using FExplorer's Processes view and save these consumptions.
Alternatively, as i had read somewhere on web so i'll just list that here-connect USB  to your phone and then to PC & choose data transfer-that closes all the applicationsthough. And you might try opening only useful ap
lications once you disconnect the USB.

Small Font Solution For Nokia E65
Fonts too small? - Get new fonts!

Those who are still having problem changing fonts on your E65 phone, here is the solution....

Tested and works nicely on E65 (using Verdana font) with this firmware:

Note: To get your phone firmware, press *#0000# on Idle screen

What you need:
-PC card reader
-Y-Browser or F-Explorer programs in your phone

1. Using Y-Browser or F-Explorer, go to directory “z:” (of your phone memory). If you do not have these program, go search the forum
2. Under the “z:” folder, go to folder named “resource”
3. go to folder named ”fonts”
4. you will see list of fonts file used by your phone. Note down name of each file. Most likely you will see;


5. Take out your phone memory card and put it into your PC card reader
6. In your PC, go to folder C:/Windows/Fonts or download fonts from websites
7. Copy the “verdana.ttf” font file (or any other font file you prefer)
8. Duplicate font file you copied above (in this case you have to duplicate 7 times) and rename them exactly as mentioned under step 4
9. Access your memory card and find folder named “resource”. If there is no such folder, create one.
10. Under the “resource” folder, create a folder named “fonts”
11. Copy all files you created under step 8, and paste under the “fonts” folder you just created under step 10
12. Put back your memory card into the phone and turn on the phone

Your phone should now have new fonts

If you want to revert back to original font, just delete all files you created under step 11 and remove the “fonts” folder (in your memory card “resource” folder)

Good luck

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