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Deleting "Stuck" Installer Files in S60 3rd Edition

I have seen a problem with “stuck” installer files in S60 3rd Edition phones for a couple of times. The information from Application Manager shows that the applications are not installed. However, they cannot be deleted because there is no Delete menu (see screenshot below). They cannot be re-installed either because it always fails with “Unable to install” message. Those files are basically just stuck there.

From my opinion, it looks like a bug in S60 3rd Edition (not sure if this has been fixed in S60 3rd FP1). I don’t really know how to reproduce this problem, but it has happened to my phones several times. Once, I saw this problem after one application failed to install. In other occasions, I saw this problem after resetting my phone to the default factory settings.

What should we do if we have this kind of “stuck” installer files in S60 3rd Edition? One way is to delete the installer file manually via Windows Explorer. Unfortunately, we cannot use any file manager application because those files are located in a protected folder.

* Firstly, connect your phone to a PC via USB.
* Choose Data Transfer (a.k.a. Mass Storage). Do not select PC Suite because you won’t be able to browse protected folders in PC Suite mode.
* Open Windows Explorer on your PC.
* Go to \private\10202dce on the phone’s folder.
* There, you should be able to find the installer files (.sis). Just remove them using Windows Explorer.

You can also acess & even delete these file using phone just go to file manager

And use Search (find) the folder private
and in that go to the 10202DCE and delete the file which are not installing


Another Tip for Password-protected Memory Card Only for E-series

How to solve the problem? If, for some reasons, you activate remote lock option on your phone, it will change your memory card’s password too. Just for your information, remote lock option allows you to lock your phone by sending SMS to it. It is a nice feature if you accidentally left your phone somewhere and you don’t want other people using it. You can activate this feature from Tools | Settings | Security | Phone and SIM | Allow remote lock menu. The password of your memory card will be your remote lock message.

So, if you still remember your remote lock message, then try to unlock your memory card’s password using that message.

Acces to Private and SYS folder on your MMC without PC

Little trick
1)Via cardreader or data transfer remove readonly attribute from sys and private folders
2) Open pre installed fileman
3) Functions - Search(find)
4) Enter private or sys
5) Wait
6) Enjoy
P.S sys is readonly

Some folders
10207114 - Themes
102033E6 - Java Applications
1000484b - Mail folder
10202dce - Installed sis file


• Press menu key, find "File Mgr." (the default file manager) and open it

• Press Options / Find

• You will be prompted to choose between phone memory and memory card. Press down to select memory card
• Type the name of that protected folder you want to browse through: either Sys or Private

• Press Find and wait
• The folder will appear in search results. It should appear the first result if you type its whole name

What will you be able to do?

• Browse through folders, subfolders and files inside sys folder
Copy files/folders from sys to another normal folder
Browse through folders, subfolders and files inside private folder
Move and copy files/folders from private folder to another normal folder
Rename and delete files/folders inside private folder

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