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N-Gage Games On Your 6600-7610. How to Install or Remove.







Note 1: It is a good idea to let set your MMS and SMS messages to be kept on your MMC, not on your phone memory. Any MMS or SMS's currently on your phone's memory, it is suggested you move them over to the MMC.

Note 2: You must have some sort of file managing software to do this. Download and install such an application before beginning this guide! I recommend FExplorer or SeleQ.


First Get the BLZ installer and your desired game.

Send the BLZ-Installer to your phone, it should be a *.SIS file, if it is not, then it is probably a *.ZIP or *.RAR, unpack the *.SIS file from the archive, then send it. DO NOT send the *.ZIP or *.RAR files to your phone.

Install the application.

Next, you need to get the game ready. Game files are in the *.BLZ format. Like the BLZ-Installer, if the game file is not a *.BLZ file, unpack the archives until you find the *.BLZ file.

You may need to do this a few times, because usually games are packed more than once.

Once you have the *.BLZ game file unpacked, send this to your phone.

Open your installed file manager and find the *.BLZ game file in one of the mail folders (Example -- e:\system\mail\XXXX) and copy the file to the root directory of the MMC (Example -- e:\). Now Close the file manager.

Run the BLZ-Installer. Now you should see the game listed there. Select Option and then Install. Wait for the process to finish. The game should then be installed.

If you followed the procedure correctly and everything went well, you should see a new Icon, that is the game.



For anyone else who wants to to how to remove the games

Download SeleQ or FExplorer

Remove the folder:
E:\System\Apps\Game Name

(ie motogp, sonicn)

Remove folder:
C:\System\Apps\Game Name
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