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Installing Ngage Games on 6600,7610,3650,3660







Installing Ngage Games on 6600/7610/3650/3660.

there are 2 types of ngage games. 1 is in .blz format, the other is a folder wif man other files and folders. im going to talk about the .blz version 1st.
u need the .blz file, and blzinstaller.sis to install it.
1) install the blzinstaller.sis, into fone or mmc, doesn matter.
2) send the .blz file to ur fone. for tis example, im gonna use sonic.blz.
3) move the .blz to the root dir of e:, which is ur mmc. meaning, DUN place it in any folders, place it in e:, so it looks like tis
4) run blzinstaller to install, can take a while thou.

Note: if u send the .blz file to ur fone wifout using pc suite, it normally ends up in the inbox. For 6600 and 3650 users, space on c: is limited, so go to , , , set the mem in use to mmc.

and den, use a file explorer (example, fexplorer, seleq, etc), go to e:/system/mail/(1st folder), and find the .blz file, its in one of the 16 folders labelled 0-9, a-f. den cut, paste to e: root dir.

there u go! .blz version!
now, for the folder type of ngage games...

sometimes, when u get a ngage game from irc, it doesnt come in .blz format, but in a folder named . open it, it shld be another folder name . open it again, is a folder tts the game. for tis example, the folder name in system/app tt u downloaded is

for ngage users, simple as hell, paste fifa folder into e:/system/app folder of ur fone, using the supplies usb cable. if u cant see the system folder when u plug the usb cable, change the folder settings to reveal all folders.

for 3650 and 6600 users, it will b a bit troublesome. u haf to move the files 1 by 1, into the exact place on ur mmc. so, u haf to create a folder on ur e:/system/app, den copy the files to the exact same location, 1 by 1.

occasionally, u get another folder wif the system folder when u download the game. u haf to replace the 2 lib files in ur mmc. place them in e:/system/LIB. if theres no such folder, create one.

So thats about it!

Note: Want to do this? Go get a MMC reader. Its the easiest & quickest way

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