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How To Connect Your Nokia Phone PC Suite







happens many times when you try to connect your nokia phone to nokia pc suite via bluetooth, on your computer but it does not connect and even after trying so many times it does not connect at all.

But this problem may not occur every time, so in order to avoid this connectivity problem you can configure your phone to be automatically connected to your nokia pc suite installed at your computer.

Follow the steps given below for the automatic connection your nokia phone to pc suite:

1. First activate or switch on the bluetooth on your mobile phone.

2. Now start your pc suite at your computer with bluetooth dongle connected at the usb port.

3. In nokia pc suite click on manage connections and connect your phone.

4. After connecting set your computer as authorized connection or in other words you can set allow auto connection no confirmation option as yes.

For Example: Nokia 5300 (s40)

1. Open bluetooth menu via settings>>connectivity>>paired devices

2. Click options and select pair a new device.

3. Search for your computer and select it and go to options>>Auto-conn., no conf. now select yes.

4. Exit from bluetooth options and you are done.

Next time when you open nokia pc suite and switch on bluetooth on your nokia phone they will get automatically connected in seconds.

Still if you are not able to configure your nokia phone for automatic connection leave your comments with your phone model.

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